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Who can you trust?

How would it be if everything was simpler, if we could return to the cornerstone values of being human? Trust, closeness, familiarity were characteristics of human societies before the acceleration and complexity that now characterize interactions between individuals.

In addition to the negative consequences that are entailed, the current economic and financial crisis fosters reflection on what is at its origin. Like all crises, it is simultaneously an opportunity. The opportunity given here today is to look back at the route that was taken and understand why it has led us to where we are.

It is in this reflective context that we seek points of reference and that trust emerges as a core guiding value in complex and disturbing scenarios. Trust in leadership, trust in the principles governing social and economic systems, trust in stakeholders. A trust without which social dynamics are undermined, being that they are grounded in role division, where each person fulfils their function on the assumption that others will fulfil theirs.

It will not be far from the truth to call this crisis a trust crisis. Surprisingly simple, this way of looking at the underlying factors of the economic and financial stifling that we are going through could be the key to building new and sounder foundations that we need for the future.