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Why should you trust?

Lack of trust is time and resource consuming. Examining the global response to September 11, millions were invested in surveillance and numerous processes were set back by the introduction of safety procedures. The cost of which is yet to be calculated.

The same applies to the environment in the workplace. The decline in the trust of employees towards employers reduces productivity levels. Occupied with the mistrust in which they are immersed, there is limited availability left to focus on the tasks pertaining to them, let alone creative performance. Once again, it is hard to estimate the losses.

Similar examples could be evoked to demonstrate how being able to trust makes everything simpler. We have seen how trust is a prerequisite for the success of interdependence relationships. It frees us for what we need to do and provides us the connection to what we want to achieve. Uncertainty is paralyzing while trust is liberating.

Having trust as a starting point, we are already further ahead. That is why we elect it as the fundamental value that we most cherish and are proud to assure our clients: an absolutely trusting relationship with Filiconta and the management of their affairs without losing sight of trust as the cornerstone for the success of any enterprise.

Creating conditions for trade relations to develop in a climate of trust should be a commitment by all companies. Trust pays off, because it generates more trust, in a system that benefits all and nurtures itself. We welcome this commitment with open arms, aware of its importance to building a more sustainable future.